In today’s market, the explosive growth of data has challenged CIOs and CISOs. Not only do Enterprise Security Programs need to protect information assets, they needs agility when responding to the ever changing threat landscape while maintaining ROI of enormous capital and expense expenditures. Without guidance, designing a security program can be daunting. If strategy for security is misguided and risk is ignored, exposure to a catastrophic incident may result.

Clear Skye will help. Our approach to program design is holistic. We build layers of defenses and capabilities that can be monitored centrally, allowing for response to events and threats in real-time. Viability of the program is ensured by learning from threats, improving compliance and utilizing more effective technologies. Our design considers these capabilities making for an effective and innovative security program while maintaining ROI.


  • Identify information assets and locations of those assets
  • Establish risk profile for information assets
  • Define security controls to protect assets
  • Identify people, process and technologies needed to implement and maintain security controls
  • Establish key performance indicators and metrics
  • Create executive summaries and presentations when necessary

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