Clear Skye's Mission

Founded in 2015, Clear Skye's mission is to help organizations simplify Access Management and Identity Governance.

We build amazing solutions on an amazing platform - ServiceNow.

ServiceNow Innovation of Year 2012

Clear Skye team won ServiceNow's Knowledge Innovation of Year in 2012

ServiceNow CreatorCon Challenge

In 2017, Clear Skye partook in ServiceNow's CreatorCon challenger and took second place

ServiceNow Ventures Portfolio Company

ServiceNow Ventures has invested into Clear Skye's success

Experience with ServiceNow

Our experience with ServiceNow platform predates the named releases

Experience with enterprise

From automating builds of large datacenters to weekend on-call schedules, we've done it all

Experienced in security

We've been focused on security since before security became a buzzword


In short about us

Clear Skye has modernized existing enterprise access and identity management and governance approach. But we're not from finish line, in-fact we're far from it.

There's a lot more work to do in IAM space and beyond. Can you imagine what could be done with modern technologies like data mining and deep learning?

We can. It's only the tip of the iceberg.

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Petabytes of data secured
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