Security Incident Response

Detect, contain, and eradication of IT threats

Vulnerability Management

Identify, classify and remediate vulnerabilities

Threat Intelligence

Leverage 3rd party threat data to make informed decisions for responding to threats

- Platform for SOC/SIRT teams to test, execute and audit security response plans

- Event Management Integrates with 3rd party threat detection systems

- Designed based on NIST SP 800-61 r2 best practices

- Handles any security incidents

- Facilitates collaboration between End Users, IT and Security Teams

- Platform to manage vulnerabilities and related remediation activities

- Integrates with the National Vulnerability Database

- 3rd party integrations for leading vulnerability scanners

- Works seamlessly with other ServiceNow modules

- Enrich Security Incidents with Indicators of Compromise

- Supports multiple threat feeds (TI Providers)

- Provides the ability to query multiple sources for reputational ratings

- Supports STIX format and TAXII exchange profiles

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