quarterly access reviews?

It's a Thing of the past

Regulated organizations are required to perform access reviews or attestations on periodic basis. This tedious process involves exporting access lists from systems like Active Directory, deciding who should review the access, dividing lists into multiple spreadsheets, sending to reviewers, following up, receiving and recompiling information, sending requests to remove access and validating that access was in-fact disabled.

Head spinning yet? Yes, so's ours.

There's a better way

Do it with serviceNow

Out solution automates the process of access reviews. We automatically import access data from  systems, so our system of record is always up to date. We generate review events on scheduled basis and reviewers get automatic notifications.

Once reviewers complete the intuitive reviews, access is automatically revoked. Audit trail is stored for future reference.

It's that simple.

What will you do with all your free time?

Access Reviews used to take us 6 weeks every quarter. Now it we're done in 2 hours. Reviewers' satisfaction has also increased, they can complete the review in a matter of minutes.
- customer in financial sector

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