Still Provisioning Accounts manually?

Automation is key

Service desks receive non-stop requests for new accounts, new access, new distribution lists, updates to distribution lists, etc etc. Performing these actions manually has few downsides. First obvious one is resources - it takes time to provision access. It takes time to get back to the user confirming completion. And how do we know that we provisioned the exact access that user needed?

Manual provisioning is also prone to errors. With tedious and repeatable tasks, there can be mistakes and the bad ones can unintentionally expose sensitive information.

User Departures?

painpoint for a lot of modern organizations

Our solution can integrate with HRIS platform to trigger access removals on the day a user is departing.

On top of that, the solution is intelligent enough to know what supplemental accounts the user may own, including test accounts, service accounts, vendor accounts, etc.

Vendor and service accounts can be reassigned, other accounts can be automatically disabled.

Access Requests?

Fully automated

Our solution comes with prebuilt, dynamic forms and record producers that can be auto-populated by configuraiton defined on the backed. The configuration can be defined by Security Team or ITSM Managers including which access points, who will approve and how the access is provisioned.

In the end this saves time and makes for happier users due to predictable self-service processes.

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