What does Clear Skye do?

Identity Governance & Access Management

Security professionals agree that Identity Governance and Access Management is a building block for any security program.

Without knowing organizational users and what the users have access to, one cannot ensure that organizational resources are protected from unauthorized access.

Clear Skye

Identity Lifecycle Management

Clear Skye ILM is a full-featured Identity Governance and Administration tool.

Our solution delivers a unified framework for integrating with identity providers and managing all enterprise identities, accounts, and entitlements.

features include

Lots of Great things

Access Reviews
Access Requests
Single system of record for all users and groups
Employee Onboarding and Offboarding
Seamlessly works with ServiceNow's GRC, SecOps, HR and other out-of-box applications
User provisioning via attribute-based Access Policies
Integrates with existing HR system
Scheduled compliance reviews of accounts, groups or environments
Dashboards for transparency and accountability
Contextual approvals
Account Provisioning (service, admin, vendor, resource, etc)
Group & Entitlement Management (security, distribution, other)
Support for many environments (Prod1, Prod2, DevOps, Test, etc)
On-premise and cloud identity providers
Routes tasks to appropriate enterprise groups such as Facilities and IT
Tracks Service Level Agreements and sends escalation notifications
Creates logs and records for auditable evidence
Naming Convention Standards for Account Creations

And there's more

Features not possible elsewhere

  • Extremly extensible
  • Incredible synergies with ServiceNow GRC, SecOps and HR
  • New releases which bring new features and improvements

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