Too many Access Workflows?

Not any more

Tired of building complex ServiceNow workflows for every access request type? You're not alone.

After building a few access request workflows, the business demands more and more access requests to be built into ServiceNow. The end-result is dozens or hundreds of workflows. This becomes a management and support nightmare. In reality, this approach is unsustainable.

Transition control
to Security Team

Clear Skye's approach is different. We believe that security should be management by Security Teams and not developers.

As a result, our solution can be configured directly by Security Teams who don't have expertise in ServiceNow.

Everything from setting up new resources to setting approvers can be done without involving ServiceNow developers.

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Scoped Application

Our solution is built as a scoped application on ServiceNow platform and certified by ServiceNow's certification team. During certification, it's checked for issues such as development best practices, performance and security. It's also validated to ensure it will not break other platform applications.

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